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Affordable and comprehensive Small business IT support, that does not compromise on quality, and is available at the right price. Why not talk to our IT Support team and ask for a appointment. TCR can be your IT department until a time when you have grown enough to have your own.

We help small businesses use their IT systems and budgets most effectively.

If you run a small business, chances are that you always have a dozen conflicting priorities. You don’t always have the time or the expertise to be confident that your IT systems are cost-effective, reliable, and up-to-date.

Why Small Businesses Need IT Support

Although every business is different, we’ve found the following to be typical factors behind the decision to outsource small business IT support:

• IT knowledge is concentrated in just one or two people.
• The person responsible for IT isn’t really an expert, and has other priorities.
• Systems have been put together bit-by-bit with no real overview.
• IT knowledge that was sufficient in the past has become inadequate as the business grows.

If any of these factors are familiar to you, then you’re right to be considering outside support. Your business is too important to be put at risk by an ‘it might never happen’ approach to IT.

Your Own IT Team

If you have no real IT expertise in-house, you’ll find that we become your IT team. If you do have an IT specialist, we’re happy to work alongside them, providing complementary expertise and skills.

We’ll get to know your business, and we will work closely with you to make sure that your systems are working with you rather than against you.

TCR Remote Support

When you are having any IT related issues, we can support you via a remote desktop connection. This can be done within a few clicks and is an easy way for everyday problems to be resolved.


  • Complete Business IT Support
  • Network Design / Implementation
  • Managed Cloud Backup
  • Consultancy Services
  • Network Upgrades

  • Remote support
  • Printer support
  • Monthly managed contracts
  • Complete Repair / Virus Removal


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