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Home Computer Support

Sometimes things just go wrong. We’ve seen it all! Virus infections, lost data, internet access not working, printers refusing to print. Just give us a call and our engineers will attempt to help you over the telephone or via email and if that fails to solve your problem, we can visit your home at short notice and resolve the issue quickly. No problem is ever too small, and our engineers will explain everything in plain English and the steps you can take to help prevent the issue from returning.


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Networks (Wireless / Wired)

Setting-up wireless routers & network adapters.

Implementing security & encryption on your wireless network to prevent unauthorised use and protection of personal information.

Installing wired networks, including wall mounted access points.

Virus, Spyware/Malware Removal Service

Our friendly team can remove malware (malicious software) from your PC or laptop. Not all computer issues are due to a virus, so it is vital we diagnose any occurring errors so that we can fix them properly.

Data Recovery

We have various tools to recover data after a virus attack or hardware failure. If the data has not been corrupted or overwritten then recovery may be possible.

If it is a serious failure of a hard drive we can arrange for it to be physically open in a specialist lab to attempt the recovery of your data.

Data Transfer

If you have bought a new PC and need the files and folders from your old computer we can safely transfer them to your new computer.

PC Wipe & Re-install

Over time a PC gets cluttered with unnecessary junk data, which we can cleanse to bring it back up to speed again. However after a while even cleansing a PC will not get it back to its peak fitness.

In this situation we can backup all your pictures; files and settings, wipe the computer (if required we can clean the hard drive to ensure data is permanently deleted) and then reinstall your system as a fresh install and restore your pictures, files and settings.

Hardware Replacement/Upgrade

If you need a component replaced or want to upgrade your computer with more memory, larger hard drive or faster graphics card. Our technicians can find and install the hardware for you.

New customer to Tim’s Computer Repair?

If you are new customer, print off our introductory discount voucher and get $20 off your first repair bill.



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