Broken Laptop Case Repair Savannah Georgia

We Can Fix Your Broken Laptop Case!


Laptop case and hinge damage can result from dropping the laptop. This usually won’t affect the operation of the laptop, but never the less it will need to be repaired.

That’s where Tim’s Computer Repair (TCR) comes in. We can fix/replace all of these broken parts for you and make your laptop like new.

You will find our service second to none, we are the market leader in laptop repair in the Savannah Georgia area.

We try our very best to get you the best quality product for your repair. Sometimes, a broken hinge may result in a cracked screen if the lid is not opened/closed very carefully. This is not a problem for us at Tim’s Computer Repair (TCR).  We deal with all types of laptop repair.  Here are some examples: *laptop hinge repair* plastic laptop case replacement* broken bezel* screen replacement and much much more. Our laptop technicians can repair all laptop brands to the highest standard.


So don’t despair and buy a new laptop, let Tim’s Computer Repair (TCR) put your mind at rest and give you a free quote.

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