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TCR can Install a

Professional Camera Surveillance System

for Your Home or Business!

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Tim’s Computer Repair can help you protect your home or business by providing you with a secure, dependable camera surveillance system. Whether you have a small area toEverything Computer monitor or a large building or warehouse in the Savannah GA area TCR can provide you with a state of the art surveillance system that can be monitored anywhere in the world, live day or night 24 hours a day from your computer, tablet or phone. We will work with you to provide a system that fits your needs and budget.

Our camera system provides a vivid and clear picture of whatever area you need watched. The built in infrared technology of our cameras allowsEverything Computer for video surveillance and playback even in the darkest of night. We provide surveillance solutions for both indoor and outdoor monitoring.

Get instant notifications when motion is detected in any room or area that is being monitored. Rest easy knowing your property is being constantly watched and recorded by a sophisticated NVR recording system that can be set up in a variety of different recording times or scenarios. The NVR’s main feature is its storage capacity. The bigger the storage the longer the record history will be. Depending on the configuration of the NVR you can go back and view up to a week or even more than a month of previousEverything Computer recorded video. You can set the NVR to record 24 hours, seven days a week or only on certain days and at certain time frames. There is a motion detection feature available so the recording of any given camera will record only when motion is detected. You can also get email and SMS notifications when these motion detection events occur.


Protect Your Property!

Everything ComputerBeing able to clearly see what is being monitored is very important. TCR provides high quality, high resolution digital cameras that allow for crystal clear live viewing of your monitored ares. These digital ip cameras provide a much cleaner resolution than typicalEverything Computer analog cameras allowing you to digitally zoom with a much more vivid result than analog cameras provide. High definition cameras give you detailed images not available with CCTV analog or non-HD IP cameras.

Everything ComputerTamper detection is another feature that is built into our security cameras. you can get notified by email or SMS whenever your camera is physically attacked or vandalized. This feature also lets you know when the power has been disabled from the camera or if the camera lens is covered or obscured.

Another great feature of our cameras is something called PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) A PTZ camera uses motors to physically adjust the camera’s aim and zoom. Users are able to controlEverything Computer the orientation and optical zoom of the camera. This allows you to fully control the direction in which the camera is pointing and gives you full control over the optical zoom. All of this can be controlled at your pc, tablet or smart phone.

Many of the newer cameras include two-way audio. The camera can be placed in a location of your choice that allows you to communicate with a person somewhere else in the building (or even over the Internet). Some of our cameras also come with a programmable audible system that will sound a built in audible alarm when motion is detected.

Some Options for Our Cameras Include.

  • Indoor or Outdoor cameras are available
  • Wireless cameras are available if needed in situations where cables are not practical.
  • Battery Operated Cameras wireless cameras or solar powered cameras. (sometimes needed in large outdoor areas.)
  • Low light/night vision that can produce high quality video images in very low light conditions.
  • Infrared technology that can produce high quality black and white video in total darkness.
  • Audio recording
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) functions-this comes with software or can be programmed to “track” or “follow” objects
  • Motion Detection. Recording only begins when motion is detected.
  • IP/POE Cameras. Power and data transfer through one network cable allowing for a dependable single line camera network.
  • Hidden Cameras-these cameras are so small they can be easily hidden in other objects.

Everything Computer TCR backs our camera systems with a full 1 year in shop warranty. Most of our qaulity branded camera systems also carry a 3-5 year warranty by the manufacturer. TCR also provides a professional installation of cameras, NVREverything Computer systems and cabling. Camera placement and NVR configuration is very important. We will work with you on all of this and make suggestions on what system is right for you. Contact Tim’s Computer Repair’s professional installers today at 912-220-0765. Don’t be fooled by those budget camera systems being sold at big box stores. Don’t settle for less when it comes to protecting your property

NOTE: TCR does not offer any live security system monitoring service of any kind. TCR can be contacted if help is needed retrieving video footage upon request.

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