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Choose a Pre-Designed PC and then 

customize it for your needs.

Note: These are just some examples of custom computers that TCR can build. All of our parts are high quality branded parts.

gamesystem1 gamesystem2 gamesystem3
gamersystem1 gamersystem2 gamersystem3
Current Gen Ryzen 5 Processor Current Gen Ryzen 7 Processor Current Gen Intel Core i7 CPU
*Gigabyte B550 AMD Motherboard *USB 3.0 *MSI B550 AMD Pro Gaming Motherboard *USB Type C *MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Motherboard
*Crucial 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Memory *Corsair 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 Memory *G.Skill 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4 Memory
*Nvidia GTX 1660 Super *ATI Video Card Optional *Nvidia RTX 2070 Super Video Card *Nvidia RTX 3080 Video Card
*650W Branded PSU *750W Branded PSU *1000W Branded PSU
*Samsung 500GB NVME M.2 Drive *Samsung 1TB NVME M.2 Drive *2TB Hard Drive *Samsung 2TB NVME M.2 Drive *4TB Hard Drive
*Custom Cooled Mid Tower Case *Custom Cooled Mid Tower Case *Custom Cooled Mid Tower Case
*1 Year In Shop Warranty *1 Year In Shop Warranty *1 Year In Shop Warranty
*Windows 10 64bit *Windows 10 64bit *Windows 10 64bit
Monitor Extra Monitor Extra Monitor Extra
FREE Antivirus FREE Antivirus FREE Antivirus
Custom Wire Management Custom Wire Management Custom Wire Management
550 550 550



Note: On day of ordering, items in stock usually ship within 5 business days. On very, very rare occasions, sometimes an item marked In Stock may be out of stock, or for other reasons (such as damaged upon inspection) we may not be able to ship it out to you immediately. If for any reason an out of Stock item needs to be ordered in, we will contact you immediately with a replacement item that is like for like in price and quality. All TCR custom built computers require a 50% deposit before we order.

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