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We can fix or replace any laptop keyboard

It’s easy to break the flimsy keys on most laptops. Sometimes it’s cheaper to find a keyboard for your model laptop elsewhere than going through the manufacture.

It works hard, plays hard, and goes everywhere with you. But with all that use, certain laptop parts can wear out. Even systems that still run perfectly well on the inside may suffer from problems on the outside. The most visible signs of aging and abuse are often found on the keyboard. Keys may have stopped working after one or two accidentally spilled beverages. Cosmetic flaws, such as rubbed out letters, may have started to appear. But you don’t need to replace your entire laptop, just the keyboard.

If you’re tempted to down a soda, water, glass of wine, coffee, or other liquid while typing away at your keyboard, you may end up paying the ultimate price—liquid spilled into your computer from an accidental knock, a few drips or a dropped cup. If this happens, don’t panic. Instead, follow these simple instructions as quickly as you can to try to salvage your computer.

1. Unplug your computer immediately (do not worry about shutting down your computer properly).

2. Remove the battery immediately  (do not worry about shutting down your computer properly).

3. Open the laptop as far as it will open and flip it over so the keyboard is facing down.

4. Wait several days to ensure the keyboard has time to dry.


5. Call Tim’s Computer Repair (TCR) right away at 912-220-0765

*Do not try and turn the computer back on even if it has been sitting for several days.

*Do not try to use air to dry the computer(ie hair dryer, air compressor, canned air). This can drive the liquid into other areas causing more damage.


We have had good success restoring liquid damaged computers and we take careful steps to remove corrosion on any part deep inside your laptop. Following the above steps will ensure that you have taken the appropriate steps so that we can have the best possible success at bringing your computer back after a liquid disaster.


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