Laptop Screen Replacement Savannah, GA 31406


(TCR) Laptop Screen Replacement, Savannah, GA 31406


 Now providing screen repairs for $130 in most cases!

*Price does not include tax *Some models may be more due to availability and specifications

Likely Fault Diagnosis:cracked-lcd

  • Laptop screen cracked
  • Laptop screen dim
  • Bad inverter board
  • Laptop CCFL faulty
  • Laptop LED Lamps faulty

Likely Cause Scenario:

  • Laptop dropped
  • Excessive pressure placed on screen or screen back cover
  • Wear and Tear
  • Lid closed with a object on keyboard
  • Cracked? Too dim? Won’t light up? Fear not!


Call: (912) 220 0765

We provide Laptop Screen Replacement & Repairs along with ultrabook screen replacements and repairs. In almost all cases our screen repairs run $125.00 and we can have you fixed up in 3-4 business days.  We ensure quality with a unique 90 day warranty! We really can replace laptop screens for all makes and model of laptop including Apple, Acer, HP, Compaq, Pacard Bell, ADVENT, Asus, Dell Alienware, Toshiba and Sony Vaio.

Does your Laptop Screen look like this?




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