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Laptop Preventive Cooling Maintenance Service


Here at Tim’s Computer Repair we get a lot of complaints about peoples laptops overheating or shutting down unexpectedly. There are many reason for this, but the most common is overheating due to clogged up fans due to dust build up. Remember some laptops run hotter than others. The usual suspects are CPU fan failure, poor heatsink contact, dust, poor compound, poor thermal pad solutions and blocked ventilation channels. Other issues could be due to Internal components such as graphics cards, These can increase the amount of heat generated in a laptop.

But don’t panic! Most modern laptops will shut itself down automatically if it is getting too hot, preventing damage to the laptop.

You can see in the images below how the CPU heatsink and fan have been clogged up with clumps of dust and dirt.



You should get a Thermal Maintenance Service once a year, to keep the laptop in good health.

Here at Tim’s Computer Repair (TCR) we can take good care of your laptop. We use only the best thermal pads or compound.
If copper shims are need we can also supply these as part of your Thermal Maintenance Service.


Laptop Cooling Maintenance Includes:


  • Complete laptop disassembly
  • Complete internal component cleaning – fan, system board, heatsink
  • Heatsink exhaust cleaned
  • Fan assembly/disassembled, cleaned & oiled
  • Old factory thermal paste or pad removed
  • Copper shim installed on GPU, Kapton tape to protect chip
  • Quality Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal compound applied to CPU & GPU

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