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Virus, Spyware/Malware Removal Service

We work quickly to detect a virus, removing it safely, leaving you with protection from further damage, and with the confidence that you can use your computer safely.

Malware & Virus Removal Savannah, GA 31406

  • Your browser is hijacked and taken to a strange website other than those you type into the address bar

  • Computer is running slow?

  • Your homepage keeps changing and the redirected search results are full of ads or objectionable content.

  • You are bombarded with the popup advertisements that aren’t related to a web site you are used to visiting

  • New and unexpected toolbars are added on your web browser without consent and they return each time you restart your PC even though being removed.

  • You continually receive unknown system warnings and error messages, claiming that your system is infected or unsafe and asking for money to buy the license to remove the so-called detected infections.

  • You are noticing your computer is hijacked by fake antivirus software blocking your Internet access or modify your data and files while the current protection applications like Kaspersky do not have any detection on it.


If you suspect your computer is infected, try to avoid using it and call us. We offer a friendly service and can detect viruses and delete them, quickly and efficiently.

Here at Tim’s Computer Repair (TCR) we understand that you need hassle free, instant help.


Malware Removal is the most common repair we get in our repair shop.

Our friendly team can remove malware (malicious software) from your PC or laptop. Not all computer issues are due to a virus, so it is vital we diagnose any occurring errors so that we can fix them properly.

Secure, Fast and Safe – keeping your PC free from infection

We provide instant support – by detecting a virus, and removing it.

Telephone: Give us a call at 912 220 0765
Or email us!



TCR Virus Removal Savannah, GA 31406

912 220 0765

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