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PC Maintenance 1503 Kings Way Savannah GA 31406

A system tune-up costs a flat rate of $120 in which your computer will be taken away to undergo a thorough inspection to ensure your pc is running as fast as possible.

System Tune-Up

Over time computers become bogged down with excess registry files, bloat-ware and massive hard drive fragmentation. There are two options to solving this problem. The first is to upgrade your computer hardware to accommodate for the massive amount of processing power required for the excess software, or to clean up and optimize your computer. Buying hardware can be expensive and does not actually solve the underlying problem. This just pushes back how long it will take before your computer is not performing how it should again.

The optimizations carried out in a System Tune-Up are never done by big manufacturers. For example, disabling certain Windows services which your particular computer does not use. This is all part of the System Tune-Up service, and so would be recommended to be carried out once every six months.

The Service Includes:

  • Virus Check and Removal

  • Operating System Optimization

  • Software Optimization

  • Deep Registry Clean

  • Advanced De-fragmentation

  • Start-up Speed Boost

  • Shutdown Speed Boost

  • Motherboard BIOS update

  • Complete Hardware Driver Update

  • And Much More



1503 Kings Way Savannah, GA 31406 

Call: 912 220 0765

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