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Wireless & Internet Solutions Savannah, GA 31406

Would you like to be able to connect to the Internet from anywhere in your home? Is your internet running slow & you are thinking of changing your Internet Provider? Maybe you have a game console that you would like to play online with? No matter what your wireless needs are Tim's Computer can provide you with a perfect solution.

Wireless & Internet Connectivity Solutions

Tim’s Computer Repair can help in setting up broadband connections, wireless router configuration setup and game console set up.

We install and maintain secure wireless networks that you can trust.

Do you have a larger home or business and are you having trouble getting a good wireless signal in every room or office? Let us introduce you to a new standard in high performance wireless that will provide a great wireless signal wherever you need it.


We can provide the most powerful wireless signal allowed by the FCC!


Tim's Computer is the official reseller of one of the most innovative wireless solutions available. We can provide exceptional Wi-Fi performance using a very cleverly designed low profile unit that can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, or other flat surface. We use the latest wireless technologies including mesh network systems that delivers superior wireless coverage and maximum data rates.


Wireless networks are not automatically secure in the same way as wired ones.  If you don’t follow all the correct steps in setting up the security protocols, then your network could be left wide open and your systems and data will be available for anyone to look at and use. You won’t necessarily be able to tell that there’s anything wrong.


Our trained engineers at Tim's Computer know exactly what to do to make sure your information stays safely within your network and that nothing gets in that should not.
If you’re looking for a new network or are concerned about security for your current wireless network, we can help!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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