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Data Recovery Savannah, GA 31406

If your backup drive has crashed and you don’t have access to your precious documents, Tim's Computer can help. We can recover any kind of data from pictures, videos, school projects and more.


Other types of data Tim's Computer can recover include documents that are used in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photo Shop and many others. Bottom line is that we can recover ANY kind of data you have lost. Have you dropped your backup drive and now it will not show up on your computer? Has your backup drive just suddenly decided to stop working? Tim's Computer has the knowledge, tools and expertise to recover your data no matter what the disastrous situation is.

Are you in a dire situation and need your data recovered as quickly as possible? Is your business crippled due to the fact that your data can no longer be accessed?


Call Tim's Computer NOW at 912-220-0765.


We can get your data back to you and have things back up and running. Feel free to call anytime and on any day of the week. External Drives We are here to help in the recovery of your data no matter how the data was lost.

Have you accidentally deleted your important pictures, documents or files? Have you accidentally deleted your school project? Have you accidentally written over a drive or device that you have critical information on and you need that data back right away? Tim's Computer can help! Call anytime day or night. Weekends and Holidays we can help restore the data that you have accidentally erased.

Does your backup drive power on but only makes clicking noises with nothing showing on the computer screen? This is a sign of failing heads inside the drive. Tim's Computer has the tools and knowledge to bypass this issue and get to your precious data. Different noises coming from an external backup drive means your backup drive may be failing! Our years of experience puts us in the best position to properly identify these noises and diagnose the exact problem with the drive and get right to the goal of retrieving your lost data. Some of the common signs of a failed drive include:


  • Repeated clicking sound after powering on the drive

  • Screeching or grinding noise

  • Drive spins up and spins down repeatedly

  • Lights come on but drive does not spin up at all

  • Your computer does not recognize the drive


Are you a student who has suddenly lost your backup data after hours upon hours of working on your project which has a deadline date approaching rapidly? DON’T PANIC! CALL TIM'S COMPUTER NOW!! at 912-220-0765 day or night, holidays and weekends. We is there for you!

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